The Resonance: The Omics Approach to Food Science

Foodomics, as a science, uses genomics, proteomics and metabonomics data to determine the molecular profile of foodstuff in a holistic way. Studying food products from a health perspective will prevent diseases.

Food-omica: una scienza al servizio del benessere attraverso l'alimentazione consapevole

Il profilo molecolare di un alimento č univoco. Come per la schedatura delle impronte digitali, si confronta il profilo molecolare di un alimento incognito con quello immagazzinato nel database, per risalire all’origine del prodotto sottoposto all’esame.

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy in Food Analysis

The analysis of foods is a critical endeavor in food processing and manufacturing companies since the presence and interactions of various compounds in foods have an impact on all aspects of their quality. The handbook, contributed to by 44 leading scientists, presents each technique in a uniform format, in a style that can be understood by a reader who is not familiar with the particular technique.

The new frontier in foodomics: the perspective of nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy

Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy offers the possibility to obtain a molecular fingerprint of a mixture without having to go through a tedious preparatory phase for the separation of the various components. Many signals originate from the same molecule, one for each atom, each one with its own characteristic frequency. Whatever the instrument used, the resonance frequency, expressed in ppm, corresponds to a specific atom of a molecule present in a particular mixture, and it is constant across all laboratories.

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