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Francesco Capozzi is developing NMR methods to be adopted in the assessment of food quality, by discovering correlations between nuclear magnetic properties and the chemical-physical characteristics of the food matrix.

He initiated the research work aimed at developing chemical descriptors able to define the qualitative characteristics of foodstuffs, by using simple numerical parameters extracted from spectroscopic data.

He started a research line in chemical bioinformatics, applied to the study of the chemical properties of protein surfaces and structures, aiming at correlating the information collected in PDB with the biological function of such macromolecular systems.

In 2005-2007 he was the scientific responsible for the research "Identification of innovative parameters in assessing the quality of Pachino's tomatoes by application of Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy" in the frame of the project "Development of chemical indices detectable by advanced analytical technology, to identify the quality of horticultural products and their geographical origin (IGP)", financed by the special fund for the development of research of strategic interest granted by the Italian Ministry of the Scientific Research MIUR.

In 2007-2008 he was the scientific coordinator of the project "Development of a unified platform for an advanced trac(k)eability system for ready-to-eat fruit and vegetables" financed by the Italian Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (DM 499 of 20.03.2007).

Currently, he is the scientific coordinator of the project funded by the Italian Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry, on "Development of the fresh fish system" to support the General Directorate of Maritime Fishing and Aquaculture in the drafting of regulatory guidelines.

He is the European coordinator of the project KBBE FP7-266331 "CHANCE - Low cost technologies and traditional ingredients for the production of affordable, nutritionally correct foods Improving Health in Population groups at risk of poverty".

He is the leader of the “Food Structure and Nutrient Bioavailability” work group in the COST action FA1005 INFOGEST, “Improving Health Properties of Food by Sharing our Knowledge on the Digestive Process”.

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